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The Complete De Wolfe Sound Effects Library on CD - 405


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This Complete Sound Effects Library offers a very special blend of general and European sound effects together in one collection. This exceptionally well recorded digital sound effect library provides over 2,300 sound effects representing 23 distinct sound categories on 27 Audio CDs. Combined with our's wide selection of ambiences, transportation, domestic and comedy sounds are unique sounds like sailing an 18th Century Clipper Ship, the inside ambience of a Zeppelin and Harrier Jets on the attack.

CD's Included

DWSFX01 - Communications
DWSFX02 - Electronic
DWSFX03 - Water
DWSFX04 - Comedy 1
DWSFX05 - Comedy 2
DWSFX06 - American
DWSFX07 - Domestic 1
DWSFX08 - Domestic 2
DWSFX09 - Interior Atmospheres
DWSFX10 - Warfare
DWSFX11 - Industry
DWSFX12 - Cars
DWSFX13 - Farmyard
DWSFX14 - Exterior Atmospheres
DWSFX15 - Period Transport
DWSFX16 - Interior Crowds
DWSFX17 - Period Warfare
DWSFX18 - Human Sounds
DWSFX19 - Horror
DWSFX20 - Construction
DWSFX21 - D.I.Y 1
DWSFX22 - D.I.Y 2
DWSFX23 - Wild Animals & Tropical Atmospheres
DWSFX24 - Traffic 1
DWSFX25 - Traffic 2
DWSFX26 - Percussive 1
DWSFX27 - Percussive 2

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