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Kung Fu Supersounds (LP)


Now on vinyl! Kung Fu Supersounds puts together some rare slices of OST ephemera from the depths of the de Wolfe library. Compiled of tracks from the The Shaw Brothers’ original kung-fu movies from the 70s and 80s, the album includes cuts from Return To The 36th Chamber, Invincible Shaolin, The Master, Heaven And Hell, Flag Of Iron and many more…

Track Listing


1. Counterspy (Dirty Ho - Theme) - Reg Tilsley
2. Drama Bridge (Two Champions of Shaolin) - Peter Knight
3. Jackboot (House of Traps) - Peter Francklyn
4. Bitter Lemons (Flag of Iron - Theme) - Frank Rothman
5. Manoevres (The Bastard Swordman - Theme) - Jack Trombey
6. For and Against - (Return to the 36th Chamber) - Barry Stoller
7. Face to Face (My Young Auntie) - Frank Rothman
8. Grotte Sous-Marine (Shaolin Handlock) - Pierre Arvay
9. Suppression (Two Champions of Shaolin) - Jack Trombey
10. Violent Pay Off (Dirty Ho) - Reg Tilsley
11. Crime Club (Dirty Ho) - Reg Tilsley
12. Dodge City 1 (Return to the 36th Chamber) - Jack Trombey


1. Abimes Souterrains (Human Skin Lanterns) - Eric Towren
2. Nerve Stretch 2 (The Bastard Swordman) - Paul Lewis
3. Moog Shot 25 (Buddah's Palm) - Sam Spence
4. Moonbird (Heaven and Hell) - Roger Webb
5. Old Dark House (Heaven and Hell) - Pete Willsher & Keith Cheshire
6. Dr. Witch-Wot (Heaven and Hell) - Pete Willsher & Keith Cheshire
7. Dogarnit (Hex After Hex) - Robin Artus/Johnny Hawksworth
8. Duck and Blacker (Martial Club) - Johnny Hawksworth
9. Two Minutes Precisely (Ten Tigers of Kwang Tung) - Derek Scott
10. Electro Beat (The Master) - Ronald Marquisee
11. Electro Link 18 (Return to the 36th Chamber) - Ronald Marquisee
12. Electro Beat 5 (The Kung Fu Instructor) - Ronald Marquisee

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