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Accroche Toi Caroline (Vision On Main Theme) - (MP3) £0.99

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Accroche Toi Caroline (Vision On Main Theme) - (MP3)

This lively scat vocal jazz by Claude Vasori was the opening theme to children's art show 'Vision On' which ran from 1964 - 1976, presented by Tony...
Can't Get Enough (Of That Boogie) - (MP3) £0.99

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Can't Get Enough (Of That Boogie) - (MP3)

Rouge Music Proudly Presents... Some supremely funky 70's disco from session legends F.Macdonald and C.Rae, who played bass and guitar for The Biddu...
Cha Cha Mambo - (MP3) £0.99

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Cha Cha Mambo - (MP3)

De Wolfe Music presents another hip-shaking Latin groove from the guys that brought you 'Columbia Cumbia'! Listen to the demo: 30s low-fi demo of...
Columbia Cumbia (from 'Quartet') - (MP3) £0.99

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Columbia Cumbia (from 'Quartet') - (MP3)

Lively Latin dance track from the film 'Quartet' (2012) directed by Dustin Hoffman, starring Maggie Smith, Billy Connolly and Michael Gambon. This is...
Don't Let Go (from 'Creepshow') - (MP3) £0.99

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Don't Let Go (from 'Creepshow') - (MP3)

Rouge Music Proudly Presents... The original full-length version of the funky disco tune featured in George A. Romero's 'Creepshow' (1982), as...
Ignition Point - (MP3) - 99p £0.99

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Ignition Point - (MP3) - 99p

Music heard on the Silent EDM Clearasil advert. Preview the track here
Rico Cha Cha - (MP3) £0.99

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Rico Cha Cha - (MP3)

Another Latin groove from the the composers behind 'Colombia Cumbia'. Listen to the demo: 30s low-fi demo of Rico Cha Cha (96kbps) by Fioramonti...
Salsita - (MP3) £0.99

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Salsita - (MP3)

More tasty Latin vibes from the team who brought you 'Colombia Cumbia' Listen to the demo: 30s low-fi demo of Salsita (96kbps) by Fioramonti /...
The Gonk - (MP3) £0.99

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The Gonk - (MP3)

Theme From 'Spindoe' - (MP3) £0.99

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Theme From 'Spindoe' - (MP3)

Original recording, straight off the master tapes, of the super-groovy theme tune from cult '60s gangster TV series, 'Spindoe'. Composed by Derek...

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